This assignment required the class to use the website BrandYourself to help us see how we rank on Google amongst our competitors. BrandYourself’s homepage states the website has “tools and services empower you to control what people find when they Google your name.” The first step after creating an account on BrandYourself was to clarify which results linked to our name were actually us compared to pages on Google that have no affiliation. We can claim these results as positive, negative, or not me.

My initial score: 1

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After seeing the initial score of a C, I went through the results and claimed other pages as not me in an attempt to remove them from my name’s results on Google. From there I went to “What’s next” to see how else I could improve my score.


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I followed all three suggested steps of the above tasks. From there I went on to also share posts on various social media platforms, included more pages, and published the BrandYourself profile.I plan to keep up with this website and continue boosting my pages and following other steps to help rank my score higher.