For this assignment regarding social media management, our class was introduced to the websites Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These are two alternative websites used for Twitter that can help manage your accounts. I chose to use Tweetdeck based on my professor’s recommendation. I like the layout of the website, especially the activity page to the far right.

The most important feature to these websites was the schedule tweets option. For this assignment, it is required to schedule 5 posts to twitter including the hashtag #CAP105GVSU. I used this to send out promotional tweets of events happening on campus for Battle of the Valleys week. The events are held to raise money for the Laker Children’s Fund and it’s important to make other students aware of the events going happening on campus. This feature helps me so that I don’t have to remember to send out tweets the day of the event.

I plan to use this feature in the future. I currently run the Twitter account for GVSU’s chapter of Spoon Univeristy. Our chapter just started and I’m ready to tackle the Twitter position with this cool feature I learned on Tweetdeck.

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