Petrucci, Micaela. “Infographic.”  Retrieved from Piktochart. 30 November 2016.

With entertainment, comes special events. The most important part of events is having guest come to enjoy it. For example, a concert. Planning a concert can be a lot of work from finding the venue to finding the band and when everything finally comes together, guests should be there to enjoy it. Promotion is the key getting the word out.

My technology in advertising and public relations course taught us about infographics. An infographic displays information in the form of pictures. We were shown two websites with templates to create infographics including Piktochart and Infogram. Common examples were displaying steps of a process. I chose to show suggest tips for promoting an event.

I include eight tips for how to get the word out there about an upcoming event. Having people find out about an event after it occurs is not the goal. Sometimes people are upset to find out something exciting happened around them but they never saw an advertisement for it. With these 8 steps, hopefully multiple outlets will contain content that will get passed along multiple times making plenty of potential guests aware and excited to attend.

Displayed on the infographic is the outlets that will be used such as Youtube, print, radio, and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Through these outlets content will be shared but the most important part is the content created in each medium. All the information of the event need to be mentioned on all posts including intriguing copy on flyers, marketing tools expressed in e-mails, such as targeting specific users. Intriguing is the key word. Interesting people is what will make the promotion successful such as finding a good headline to be used throughout all channels to keep to promotion campaign consistent.