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Petrucci, Micaela. “Screenshot.” 10 December 2016. 

My main interests include music, pop culture, sports, and art. This leads to a whole industry of entertainment and events geared specifically to the things I love. At Grand Valley State University I’m studying advertising and public relations and hope to relate my studies to the entertainment world.

There are many jobs available where I can intertwine my passions which I learned through an assignment of finding potential careers that involve technology. Most of the jobs that interested me involve social media, digital marketing or advertising sales to specific companies I follow. These companies range from planning/hosting concerts and music festivals, record labels, sports teams, television companies or even local venues, radio stations and sports teams.

Social media is a strength of mine and my technology in advertising and public relations course helped increase those skills learning about scheduling tweets through TweetDeck or targetting specifc users. Targeting specifc users is another key thing we learned relating to SEO and SEM. Search Engine Optimization is the relevance of certain websites and what gets them to appear after search enginge results. Using the website I was able to go through and confirm which search engine results were me and what wasn’t. This way, I should come up first when my name is searched rather than other people who share my name. Search Engine Marketing is when ads come up on the side of websites. These ads are from websites that use cookies and remember certain users that visited their site. With knowledge of SEO and SEM I hope to help out my future company. This was something I thought was very intersting in class and hope to learn more about it. One entertainment company I researched for the technology careers assignment has a specific job opening for a “Marketing Manager, SEM.

Marketing is a skill the companies I follow are always looking for. I plan to minor in marketing so after graduation I can apply to these marketing jobs as well as advertising and PR. I found a marketing internship with my name all over it for an entertainment company. I hope skills from this class will help me stand out in the application process.

Other internships that I plan to apply for involve “social media” somewhere in the title. As I mentioned before, social media is a skill we learned about in this technology course. Tracking social media views can be done through Twitter analytics, you can view how many impressions certain tweets got including how many people actually opened the attached image/link. Even bigger than Twitter Analytics is Google Analytics which can track users activity on the web, not just on one website/app such as Twitter. Google Analytics happens through Google Partners.

Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants. When you sign up for Partners, you’ll get access to a range of benefits, including special events and trainings, industry research, certifications, and more.”

Becoming certified with Google Analytics would be extremley beneficial to me with the field I want to get into. So, I learned all the courses and took the exam to make it happen!

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Petrucci, Micaela. “Assessment.” 10 December 2016.

Google Partners site says they’re for advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals which are both options of where I want to be in the future. I’m excited to have this certification to further enrich my learning and stand out amongst my peers.

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Petrucci, Micaela. “Certification.” 10 December 2016. 

I was also very excited to add my first certification to my LinkedIn page!