Petrucci, Micaela. “Infographic.”  Retrieved from Piktochart. 30 November 2016.

With entertainment, comes special events. The most important part of events is having guest come to enjoy it. For example, a concert. Planning a concert can be a lot of work from finding the venue to finding the band and when everything finally comes together, guests should be there to enjoy it. Promotion is the key getting the word out.

My technology in advertising and public relations course taught us about infographics. An infographic displays information in the form of pictures. We were shown two websites with templates to create infographics including Piktochart and Infogram. Common examples were displaying steps of a process. I chose to show suggest tips for promoting an event.

I include eight tips for how to get the word out there about an upcoming event. Having people find out about an event after it occurs is not the goal. Sometimes people are upset to find out something exciting happened around them but they never saw an advertisement for it. With these 8 steps, hopefully multiple outlets will contain content that will get passed along multiple times making plenty of potential guests aware and excited to attend.

Displayed on the infographic is the outlets that will be used such as Youtube, print, radio, and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Through these outlets content will be shared but the most important part is the content created in each medium. All the information of the event need to be mentioned on all posts including intriguing copy on flyers, marketing tools expressed in e-mails, such as targeting specific users. Intriguing is the key word. Interesting people is what will make the promotion successful such as finding a good headline to be used throughout all channels to keep to promotion campaign consistent.



Tech Careers

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-12-44-16-amPetrucci, Micaela. “Screenshot.” Retrieved from LinkedIn. 23 November 2016.

Many careers within my intended field involve technology. I plan to apply my knowledge in advertising, public relations, communications, and marketing into an entertainment career. I follow many companies on LinkedIn that I’m interested in applying for in the future to make my plan happen. Luckily, my technology in advertising and public relations course (CAP 105) has taught me many skills found in the qualification requirements of these positions.

I had prior knowledge of SEO but this course was the first class to teach me about SEM. The first job listed is a marketing manager specifically focusing on SEM. I found SEM very interesting and plan to utilize it for future jobs. This job is offered at the company I strive to work for: Live Nation Entertainment.

The second job listed is a social media manager for another company I’m interested in, Superfly Entertainment. CAP 105 has taught me so much more about social media. The best way to tackle this job would be to use TweetDeck and using the tool for scheduling posts.

Content marketing is another aspect of marketing discussed in this course. The documentary shown class taught me so much more about content marketing. I realized this is something I could definitely work with and watching the work teams in the documentary, I could picture myself at the table with them doing what they do. The third job listed is a manager specializing in content marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategist is the fourth job listed. This is at another entertainment industry that is a subsidiary of a creative agency I follow on LinkedIn. The duties specified more requirements than the actual qualifications category. “Plan and execute web, SEO/SEM, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns,” are all concepts I’ve learned from CAP 105, specifically SEO/SEM, email marketing, and social media.

The last job listed is director of social media and community engagement. This job is not only about social media, but also community engagement, therefore it’s important to track interactions. The qualifications include using Twitter and Google Analytics. I plan to be certified in Google Analytics at the end of this course. This job also asks for good writing skills which have been exercised in this class with frequent blog posts. Finally, a big key connecting CAP 105 to this job is their requirement for knowledge of basic audio, photo and video editing programs including Adobe Photoshop.

Marketing Manager, SEM. Live Nation Entertainment (Hollywood, CA)


  • 3+ years paid search marketing experience preferably in a high growth B2C organization.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • Knowledge gained from hands-on management of SEM programs on Google and Bing.
  • Knowledge gained from using third-party SEM platforms such as Kenshoo, Marin, DART Search.
  • Experience with online marketing metrics such as ROI, click-through rate, cost-per-click, cost-per-action, conversion rate, average order size, etc.
  • Must be self-directed and effective working independently, yet equally comfortable contributing in a team environment.
  • Must possess excellent communication and organizational skills with the ability to work within a growing company with increasing needs.
  • Possess high competency level in MS Office products including Excel and Word.
  • Some experience with Social Ad platforms is preferred.
  • Experience with web analytics tools is preferred.

Ability to use measurement and analysis to make informed marketing decisions.

Social Media Manager, Superfly Entertainment (Chicago, IL) (found on LinkedIn)

  • Minimum of 4 years of experience solving integrated marketing problems through innovative, cutting edge creative social media based solutions
  • Experience working hand in hand with creative teams – briefing, directing, leading, and making sure client information is distilled to them in a manner that leads to an exceptional creative output
  • Experience working with large brands
  • College degree preferred in fine arts, design, writing and/or marketing
  • You thrive in and contribute to a positive, collaborative and fun work environment

Manager- Content Marketing, Live Nation Entertainment (Seattle, WA)


  • BA/BS in English, communications, marketing, business, or related field
  • Minimum 4 to 6 years of marketing communications, product marketing, copywriting and CMS/blogging experience or equivalent combination of education and related experience
  • Experience writing for various types of media including web content, sales/B2B material, user experience copy, video, etc.
  • Ability to adjust writing style to match brand/tone of voice
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Working knowledge of AP style
  • Ability to write persuasive copy for collateral development and draft business correspondence
  • Excellent grammar skills to develop business content
  • Experience with business-to-business (B2B) communications
  • Strong knowledge of the marketing mix and related business concepts/vocabulary
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, financial reports and legal documents
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with employees across various Ticketmaster teams
  • Active listening skills to work with subject matter experts and extract the compelling key messages for content
  • Solid organizational skills with the ability to prioritize in a fast-paced environment with close attention to detail
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships – both internally across the organization and externally with vendors
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Strong working knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS) and experience creating and curating website content
  • Preferred experience with email templates, email content administration and production and working in email marketing and distribution platforms

Additional “nice to haves” include live entertainment or ticketing experience, HTML and graphic design skills

Digital Marketing Strategist, Mills Entertainment (CAA). (Los Angeles, CA)

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversee production of digital marketing assets, coordinating closely with design team
  • Plan and execute web, SEO/SEM, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns
  • Develop creative promotions and social media strategies based on agreed-upon objectives
  • Quantify ROI and evaluate the results of marketing campaigns
  • Build and maintain our social media presence along with updating our company website
  • General maintenance of artist websites and social media
  • Generate B2B campaigns targeting venues & promoters
  • Plan, execute, and measure digital/social experiments and conversion tests, reporting to team as needed
  • Collaborate with design team to create effective landing pages and optimize user experience
  • Develop new and creative growth strategies
  • Identify trends and optimize spending plans based on insight

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher and a minimum of five years of experience
  • Experience in marketing is required

Industry knowledge and experience is helpful, but not required

Director, Social Media and Consumer Engagement, Live Nation Entertainment (New York, NY)


  • An in-depth understanding of social media platforms, industry trends, new technologies and digital music services
  • Strong written/oral communication skills; copyrighting or other writing background a plus
  • Impeccable management and organizational skills
  • The highest attention to detail – a passion for the small stuff
  • Track record building and maintaining strong business relationships
  • The drive to take initiative, work independently and be accountable while also working as a team player who is collaborative, positive and flexible
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Experience with Spredfast or another similar social management platform
  • Experience running and interpreting reports from platforms including or similar to Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics
  • Knowledge of basic audio, photo and video editing programs including Adobe Photoshop

Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred

InDesign Business Card

Social Media Management

For this assignment regarding social media management, our class was introduced to the websites Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These are two alternative websites used for Twitter that can help manage your accounts. I chose to use Tweetdeck based on my professor’s recommendation. I like the layout of the website, especially the activity page to the far right.

The most important feature to these websites was the schedule tweets option. For this assignment, it is required to schedule 5 posts to twitter including the hashtag #CAP105GVSU. I used this to send out promotional tweets of events happening on campus for Battle of the Valleys week. The events are held to raise money for the Laker Children’s Fund and it’s important to make other students aware of the events going happening on campus. This feature helps me so that I don’t have to remember to send out tweets the day of the event.

I plan to use this feature in the future. I currently run the Twitter account for GVSU’s chapter of Spoon Univeristy. Our chapter just started and I’m ready to tackle the Twitter position with this cool feature I learned on Tweetdeck.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 2.07.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-01 at 5.54.36 PM.png

“Screenshot.” Retrieved from 


This assignment required the class to use the website BrandYourself to help us see how we rank on Google amongst our competitors. BrandYourself’s homepage states the website has “tools and services empower you to control what people find when they Google your name.” The first step after creating an account on BrandYourself was to clarify which results linked to our name were actually us compared to pages on Google that have no affiliation. We can claim these results as positive, negative, or not me.

My initial score: 1

“Screenshot.” Retrieved from

After seeing the initial score of a C, I went through the results and claimed other pages as not me in an attempt to remove them from my name’s results on Google. From there I went to “What’s next” to see how else I could improve my score.


“Screenshot.” Retrieved from

I followed all three suggested steps of the above tasks. From there I went on to also share posts on various social media platforms, included more pages, and published the BrandYourself profile.I plan to keep up with this website and continue boosting my pages and following other steps to help rank my score higher.

Social (Media, Sites, Software) SEO/SEM

This assignment required the use of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The goal of SEO is to have your website come up at the top of results after a search engine submission. SEM is used to have advertisements tailor toward what you like and sites you frequently visit. These are typically found on the sides of your Facebook feed, other web pages, or found in different forms of YouTube ads.

For the assignment, we had to come up with 5 keywords relating to our blog. Then, using the Google Keywords Tool we found 5 additional terms with high global searches from the search procedure of our website/blog. The final step is to create sentences using Google’s Keyword Tool’s results.

My 5 keywords:

  1. “Entertainment”
  2. “pop culture”
  3. “art”
  4. “social media”
  5. “trends”

Google Keyword Tool:

  1. “social media ads”
  2. “new social sites”
  3. “photo pop art”
  4. “social media software”
  5. “app advertising”

Global Monthly Searches:

  1. “social media ads” 1-10K
  2. “new social sites” 100-1K
  3. “photo pop art” 100-1K
  4. “social media software” 1K-10K
  5. “app advertising” 1K-10K
  6. “entertainment” 100K-1M
  7. “pop culture” 1K-10K
  8. “art” 100K-1M
  9. “social media” 1K-10K
  10. “trends” 100K-1M


Retrieved from: 

Social media ads are one of the most popular forms of advertising currently. Instagram and Snapchat are two of the dominating platforms for social media advertising.

New social sites are constantly being introduced and because of this, the advertising industry is constantly changing.

According to, pop art is defined as using the imagery, styles, and themes of advertising, mass media, and popular culture. Photo pop art can be found on this blog due to the art category (including photography) and the pop culture category and having these relate to advertising.

Understanding social media software will help advance advertising skills. It is important to stay on top of the digital world as marketers and we can’t fall behind the skills of our consumers.

App advertising is a form of interactive digital media. Advertising through apps is a fun interactive way for consumers to potentially connect to your brand.


ArtPrize 2016 Video

This assignment called for using the video editing software Final Cut Pro. We learned how to import files, manipulate and rearrange them into a full video. Adding filters and transitions help the video flow, although this was my first time using the software and hopefully my skills will improve for future projects. The first task was creating a storyboard planning out the film. Then for the video, we needed to go out and shoot footage to fit the blog’s theme. Mine being entertainment/pop culture/art, ArtPrize was the perfect fit.

“ArtPrize is a radically open international art competition decided by public vote and expert jury that takes place each fall in Grand Rapids and it’s all free and open to the public” (Retrieved from ArtPrize homepage).


The video highlights some benefits of the event. One mentioned is the family friendly aspect and visitors come of all ages. There are plenty of interactive items for kids and various forms of art to appeal to everyone. Different pieces of artwork scatter all around Grand Rapids and sometimes the artist is present, explaining their work to you. On the art piece, you will find a code to vote for it. You can vote online, by texting the code or through the app.

Before heading downtown, I downloaded the ArtPrize app. Overwhelmed with the huge list of venue locations, the app helped plan out my journey. Lists within the app show how many entries are at each venue, from there I picked venues containing the most art. The main places I hit were the Blue Bridge, Rosa Parks Circle, Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Van Andel Arena and the B.O.B.

ArtPrize is definitely a way to help boost tourism in downtown Grand Rapids. Artists get the ability to share their art with the community and need your help to vote for their hard work! ArtPrize is a fun outing whether it’s with family, friends, or your significant other. Head out and see what it’s all about!

Networking Event: Career Compass

This assignment required attending a networking event for my technology in advertising and public relations course. The Advertising Club at Grand Valley State University hosted an event called Career Compass that was held on September 22nd in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. At the event, there were six advertising professionals to talk to us about their careers. Each professional has a different job within the field, displaying the various jobs available. The professionals gave a short presentation describing their job, including daily tasks and that event ended with a Q & A session.Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 9.17.14 PM.png

Parks, Joey. “Career Compass.” Retrieved from GVSU Advertising Club newsletter September 2016. 

I took away a lot of information about the field and also what the professionals look for in potential employees when they are hiring. One standout fact that relates to my blog was from the speaker, Megan Collins, who is the account manager at Full Design Marketing & Design. She said it’s important to keep up with trends. Looking at trends in pop culture can help make your campaigns more relevant to society. Advertisements that catch on to specific trends will help stand out and your client will catch on. From there, potential consumers will notice the ad due to relevance and hopefully it’ll have a lasting impression.

An example of an ad based on social media trends that stood out and stuck in my memory from the past was done by the Salvation Army. Sometime within the past couple of years, a picture of a dress was appearing on social media feeds everywhere. The debate was if the dress was white and gold or blue and black. With everyone talking about this, the Salvation Army created a powerful campaign regarding domestic violence. Check it out:

John Heritage, president of HA Digital Marketing, was another speaker at Career Compass. He explained to us that profiling is a huge marketing technique his company uses. The idea of profiling means to analyze and record people’s behaviors/interests. This can be done by viewing everything people put out on social media and other sites to target their interests or what is being talked about, similar to the dress campaign, or other examples of pop culture relevance in advertising.


Coachella Photoshop

coachella2This Photoshop assignment asked to remove or add an element to an image and apply a filter. I chose to have the background of my assignment take place at the California music festival Coachella. Featured in the image is one of the most famous attendees of the festival, Kendall Jenner. Kendall is part of the Kardashian family which dominate today’s pop culture, leading to their constant apperance in the media. As a model, Kendall Jenner is always on top of the latest trends making her a style icon of this generation.

On the other hand, for male style icons, I added in Harry Styles. The image was a little dark so I added filters such as Gaussian blur along with adjustments to shadows brightening him up like the star that he is. He’s the front face of the band One Direction, bringing up the music aspect for this image. Styles also just wrapped up his first acting role with the movie Dunkirk that will be released in the summer of 2017.

This blog will be relating to all things entertainment. From music, to pop culture, and art. The rumored on and off again couple, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner, connect the multiple worlds of entertainment just like this blog will do.

Head to to view the dates and plan for Coachella 2017, you never know who you might run into!

Before: kendall.jpgH.jpg

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Daily Mail UK. Stuck in a style rut? Harry Styles shows off his tattooed chest and dons a fedora hat for the wedding of Louis Tomlinson’s mother. 2014. London. Web. 14 Sept. 2016. <;.

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